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I'm Emma, founder, lead strategist and designer at Salt Social Co. I'm a former professional ballerina with a love for crafting meaningful branding and design. I'm a goal-getter and creative at heart, and I'm here to empower businesses to unlock their potential with purpose and passion. I've worked with retail brands, lifestyle and wellness businesses, tech companies and nonprofits. I absolutely LOVE what I do, and truly enjoy partnering with people just like you.

Outside of work you'll catch me planning a beach vacation, hanging out with my family and two pups, hunting for the best coffee shop in town or listening to my favorite podcasts. I can't wait to hear from you and see how we can work together!

Dog Mom • Latte Lover • Former Ballerina • Wine Nerd • Sunset Chaser

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Meet Emma

Great question! Aside from the fact that I absolutely love the ocean and being by the water (it's where I feel most creative and inspired), here's a few more meanings behind the name...

Just like salt gives ocean water its distinct flavor, authentic design will create lasting and memorable impressions on your audience. Just like salt is used to clear roads during a storm, a thoughtful strategy will build a personalized roadmap for your brand to grow and thrive. And finally, at Salt Social Co we aim to be "the salt of the earth" - as transparent, helpful, creative, joyful and honest as possible! 

behind the name

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